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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 21, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> that is not around these parts. >> june 20th (sic). >> and tucker barnes has no snow in the forecast. i can guarantee that. no temperatures hot around here. and a couple of showers moving through during the overnight hours and even at the moment here we still have a few light showers that have been falling apart just to the north. so you might encounter one or two more showers here during the morning hours and then we get a bit of a break before we see the redevelopment of an occasional shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. i think it will be widely scattered as we don't have any real trigger there to get the thunderstorms going later this afternoon. either way, a warmer day today. let's push on to temperatures. right now it's 70 at reagan national. 70 in fredericksberg. 69 in hagerstown. 72 in winchester. yesterday's daytime high temperature was 80 degrees. we'll add about 10 degrees to that later today. so highs expected in the upper 80s and low 90s and you mix in the humidity and it will feel
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warmer than that. so summer kicking off at 1:16 today. a mix of sun and clouds could be a thunderstorm and 90 degrees your daytime high. more on your forecast in a minute. back to you. our top story this morning, president barack obama is about to announce plans to start bringing some u.s. troops home from afghanistan. >> but the white house said the details are still being worked out. doug luzader joins us live from capitol hill with more this morning. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning. guys. this is no doubt a tough decision for the president and he is getting conflicting advice. despite real gains by u.s. forces in afghanistan there are continuous reminders that the job isn't done. but with the war about to enter the second decade, president obama will announce tomorrow that some of the surge forces -- he september in in 2009 should come back home this month. >> he said he would begin the drawdown in july of 2011 and
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that will happen and the pace and scope of that will depend on his assessment of how far we have come in achieving the goals we've set out. >> reporter: right now there are 100,000 u.s. troops there. the top u.s. commander general david petraeus gave the president a range of options last week. the pentagon is concerned if the drawdown is too fast, much of the hard work will be undone. there are real questions about the leadership of afghan president hamid karzai and the taliban has been resurgent. part of the u.s. strategy might be to reach some kind of accord as some see as a risky move. >> i think the notion that we're involved in real negotiations is part of the obama administration's effort to justify what i'm afraid is going to be a very substantial announcement of a drawdown of american troops this week. >> reporter: but substantial or otherwise, the president is under a great deal of pressure from congress and the public to begin disentangling u.s. forces as quickly as he can.
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and look at all of the changes in store for afghanistan in coming months. first of all a potential troop draw down that we'll learn about tomorrow. and david petraeus is leaving to become the cia director. robert gates is stepping down. he's retiring. so there are a lot of things in flux right now. tony and allison. >> doug, thank you very much. meanwhile, in iraq last night there was another suicide attack south of bagdad. 22 people died when attackers blue up two people with bombs in them. the attacks happened just as the iraqi government is deciding whether to ask some of the u.s. troops to stay after the withdrawal deadline of december 31st. first lady michelle obama gets awelcome in south africa this morning. she arrived along with daughters malia and sasha. mrs. obama will meet with one
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of president zuma's three wives and then sit down with nelson mandela's wife. she is accompanied by a niece and nephew. they'll join the obamas on most outings. the first lady daughters are getting more of the media spotlight on this trip than they are used to. well today's anthony wiener's last day as a member of congress. his resignation is effective at midnight. he announced he would step down last week following a sexting scandal. wiener admitted tweeting photos of himself to women. he was first elected to congress in 1998. his resignation letter about be read on the house floor today. and another republican hopeful will make it official today. john huntsman plans to announce he is speaking the presidency. he is announcing at the same place ronald reagan announced
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his running. he just recently served as ambassador to china under president obama. another big story this hour, pepco disputing claims made in an article in the washington examiner. the newspaper quoted pepco's ceo as saying that the utility company won't be a top performing utility in the next few years and they are not even shooting for average. fox 5's stacy cohan is in the fuse room-- in the news room with the developing statements. >> reporter: ceo of pepco joe bigby said it was taken out of context and he said, i'm not sure what the reporter had on her mind. ribgy told montgomery county council he doesn't think pepco can become a top performing utility in the next two or three years and he was quoted as saying he's not even shooting for average. but the man in charge of pepco has a very different version of the exchange with montgomery council members. >> i was really disappointed
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and frankly more than a bit surprised by the article. we had a great 60-90 minute meeting with the council yesterday. i think the quote was totally taken out of context. i'm not quite sure what the reporter had on her mind. the dialogue i had with counsel is that i think it can take some type and we can be at the top of the line a top performer. >> reporter: they are making infrastructure movements and trimming trees. he insists that it is his goal and expectation to make improvements so dramatic that they will be noticed by pepco customers. back to you. >> stacy in the news room, thank you. a grand jury is now reviewing vince grays campaign. the u.s. attorney's office turned to the grand jury as part of its on going assessment
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of sulaiman brown's charges. now he maintains that the mayor's staff paid him to keep up his verbal assault on then- mayor fenty. prosecutors must get a grand jury's approval to file felony charges. the pan -- the man taken into custody near the pentagon is facing charges but they are not related to last week's incident. jonna than mill aco faces two charges of stealing. he was ordered held without bond after federal officials picked him up on friday and checked out his backpack. he was wanted in loudon county on a car tampering theft case. he's due for a status hearing on thursday. a d.c. teacher has pled guilty to sexually abusing a student. thomas urban taught english and admitted in court that he sexually abused a student in a bathroom the the high school in march.
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he will be sentenced in august and faces up to two years in prison and must register as a sex offender for ten years. police are investigating two violent attacks in northern virginia that landed one man in the hospital. they happened on saturday night within minutes of each other in the same area of woodbridge. a pizza delivery man was ambushed by five young men and robbed of his pizzas. five minutes before two men were jumped and beaten by a group of young people on jefferson davis highway not far from the pizza store and police are calling this assault by mob. >> i carry a gun for that reason. >> sow don't feel vulnerable? >> no. >> it's bad because the neighborhood has been so quiet. but you have so many people through the neighborhood how. >> well the victim is now home and doing okay. police aren't saying whether the same group of teens carried out both attacks. prince william county is going to start charging insurance companies for
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ambulance trips but it won't cost you. the county will start billing on july 1st for any patient taken to the hospital by emergency medical services. prince william will only charge medicaid, medicare and other insurance providers but not individuals, even if your insurance doesn't cover all of the charges. ambulance fees typically cost between $400 and $700 a trip. the drama continues in the casey anthony murder trial. the judge scolding both the prosecution and defense attorneys. we'll tell you why coming up next. and the largest class- action lawsuit in the nation will not move forward. the supreme court rejected the lawsuit filed against wal-mart. details and reaction next. if you'd like to get involved with fox 5 morning news and our viewers, follow us on twittedder. just search for wttg morning news and you can get traffic updates and tweets all morning. keep it here. we'll be back right after the break. it's 9 minutes after 9:00. 
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new this morning, one fairfax county elementary school will close its doors for good today, despite opposition from parents. the virginia supreme court upheld a decision by the county school board to shut down cliffton elementary school. the board voted in july to close the school due to declining enrollment and safety issues. students will be assigned to a new school. there is an effort underway to keep the building and turn it into a charter school. despite some mixed reviews, kaya henderson appears to be on track to become d.c.'s next public school chancellor. d.c. council takes a final confirmation vote today. henderson said she's still in favor of the educational reforms put in place when she was second to michelle rhee but is trying to establish her own reputation and identity. the largest class-action lawsuit in the country will not move forward. the supreme court rejected the
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suit filed by more than a million female workers accusing wal-mart of discrimination. fox's steve sent anie explains the ruling. >> reporter: the u.s. supreme court put the brakes on a class- action wall seat lawsuit over wal-mart. the lawsuit accusing the retail giant of paying women less and giving them fewer promotions. the case started a decade ago when wal-mart worker betty duke said the management after her pittsburgh, california, store was bypassing her for promotions. >> wal-mart is a big company but they're not big enough to not be challenged in the court of law. >> reporter: the lawyers tried to sweep every woman in the country into this class. the court agreed in full that the litigation seeking back pay should be halted but split over
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whether the plaintiffs presented a common claim in seeking an injunction that would have forced the retailer to change employment practices. justice scalia called it one of the most expansive lawsuits. and he said the crux was centered on whether the class members could show a common enough class to justify one suit. the rules was said to disqualify the lawsuit at the calling gate to show how the individual claims were similar enough to form a class-action suit. wal-mart said in part the company is pleased with the ruling and wal-mart has had strong policies against discrimination for years. >> so how could the laughs in this wal-mart -- how could the plaintiffs in this case proceed. this morning we spoke with lawyers with different points of view.
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>> for individual plaintiffs to fight that huge goliath on their own, it makes it almost impossible for individuals to enforce their rights under the civil rights act and that's why the cases belong as class- action. >> the court found these claims are all different and they can have that and so the lesson is you can't bring these behemoth class-actions like this but that doesn't mean you don't have remedies if there is true discrimination. >> wal-mart lawyers predict the high court's decision in this case will affect class-action claims against cosco and many others. the fight in new york over legalizing gay marriage has reached a stalemate. for reach lawmakers in albany have been arguing or the issue and can't agree. it is drawing both sides to the state capitol. right now lawmakers are one vote short of passing the act but the senate majority leader wants to presecretary religious
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group that's refuse to perform gay marriages. >> we're working to protect religious protections to make sure they are solid and will stand and i think that's critically important. >> gay marriage is legal in massachusetts, connecticut, iowa, new hampshire, vermont and the district of columbia. in florida the murder trial involving casey anthony will resume this morning. yesterday though there was some drama in the courtroom and the jury never even made it into the courtroom. the judge trying to put a muzzle on argumentative attorneys. phil keating has the details from orlando. >> reporter: he stood for it until he could stand no more. judge bell vin perry tells attorneys in the casey anthony murder trial to stop wasting time fighting with each other. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: the jury never even made it into the courtroom on monday for testimony. judge perry stopping the trial in its tracks telling the lawyers on both sides during this exchange to curb their quarreling. >> i'm going to ask both sides to turn around and look at that
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clock back there and tell me what time it is. >> 9:25. >> and mr. bass? >> 9:26. >> okay. all right. thank you. that shows that the of two you will never agree on anything and will never interpret anything the same way. >> reporter: casey anthony is on trial for the alleged suffocation of her toddler caylee. he has pled not guilty. her attorneys claim caylee died after drowning in the family pool. judge perry threatening to exclude certain expert testimonial together if the attorneys don't shape up. >> exclusion may be the proper remedy if it continues. >> prosecutors say casey anthony's attorney has repeatedly ignored the court's witness discovery rules. the judge said after this trial is over he will deal with
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whether to cite jose baez for context. and in the meantime, a full day of court is now scheduled for saturday. lady gaga known for her extreme looks and she has made a pretty significant change recently and we'll show you her latest sleek look. and plus the always fashionable holly morris is heading to summer camp today. >> reporter: and i have my very fashionable summer camp t-shirt on. we have enrolled in a very special summer camp this morning. it's all inclusive at the melwood recreation center for kids with disabilities and those without. we're checking out the new locations coming up live later. and the launching of the learning garden, so new this is the first time the kids have seen it. we'll tell you all about it live later. let's take a look though at our trivia question before we take you to break. who was the only u.s. president to serve as a member of the congress of the con federal
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states? was it martin van buren, william henry harrison, andrew jackson or john tyler. the answer is coming up in just a little bit. you can take a guess on our facebook page. much more ahead this morning. don't go anywhere. 9:19.
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rushan aviation inspectors are on the scene of the plane crash that killed 44 last night but eight people survived, including a 10-year-old boy. survives are all in critical condition though. the plane crashed into a highway about a mile short of the airport in northeastern russia, then broke up and burst into flames. officials say airport runway lights failed as the jet crashed in heavy fog. three kentucky coal miners are free this morning after being trapped underground for 14 hours. rescue crews reached the workers around 8:00 last night. they are said to be in good condition. heavy rains caused the mine
9:24 am
entrance to collapse. the men huddled together on dry ground and used head lamps one at a time to conserve power. authorities announced three major wildfires burning in arizona were started by humans but they aren't offering any other details. senator john mccain is standing by his statement that illegal immigrants are partly to blame. the wallow fire is now 51% contained. the monument fire by the mexican border now 27% contained. and the so-called horse shoe 2 which is raging near the wallow fire is 80% contained. tomorrow marks two years since nine people were killed in the deadliest accident in metro's history. a look at how the victim's families plan to mark the day. that's coming up next. and tornadoes rip through parts of the country while
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that thing is incredible. >> wow, talk about dramatic video. storm chasers got up close as a tornado ripped through nebraska, taking out several train cars and high voltage power lines. >> look at that. >> the national weather service reports 39 tornadoes yesterday, nearly two dozen of those in nebraska. so far only minor injuries have been reported here. >> and what you are seeing is ripping apart some of the train cars. meanwhile different weather hitting colorado yesterday. several inches of snow fell in summit county on monday. forecasters predict 3-8 inches of snowfall will accumulate in the higher elevations. officials are warning campers to be prepared for unseasonably
9:29 am
cold conditions. >> i think most campers will realize that it is unseasonably cold. >> as soon as they see that snow. >> that is not usual in colorado? >> it is unusual, but the higher elevations occasionally get it and they've had a deep snow pack this year so i guess it can't be unexpected. >> okay. if i were traveling out there, i would not expect it. >> it's in the mountains though. >> yeah, around here, no snow. no ice cubes. highs today back into the 90s. yesterday from 70 to about 80 and with the humidity back it will feel summery around here, just in time for the start of summer. >> for the pool. >> so we had our crack inturn mr. mike thomas look at last spring versus this spring and ten day this is spring where temperature was 90 or above. but we had a high temperature of 102 this month. >> and i remember that very
9:30 am
well. >> so the days when it's been hot, it's been hotter. >> i think the hottest temperature for the month of june, 102, won't be that hot this time around but on the warm side with highs about 90 today and low 90s the next couple of days. just a couple of sprinkles up the 95 corridor. laurel might get a light sprinkle. south and west of frederick, maybe a few light showers. most of the shower activity lifting off. i know it looks like it's pushing off south and east and pushing off to the north and east and out of here. and right to the headlines, keeping it moving, unsettled weather pattern here to stay for the rest of the week and we are heating up. we mention the warmer temperatures on way. 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. could be a scattered storm this afternoon and really any day this week. best chance is on thursday with a cold front, but in the summery air mass, can't guarantee we won't get a thunderstorm any given afternoon across the region. and then summer begins today at 1:16, even though it's been feeling summery the past couple of weeks, summer arrives at 1:16 and once we get it going
9:31 am
here, our temperatures well into the 90s for the next couple of days. there is a look at the radar. you can see the showers across the area. that is going to push off to the north and east and high pressure is going to settle in for the next few days. and this area of high pressure will allow our temperatures to warm up. our winds will pick up out of the south and that will push the temperatures up into the low 90s the next few days so temperatures on the warm side. our average daytime high still in the mid-80s and we'll be well above that here for the foreseeable future. 71 now at reagan national. still a lot of cloud cover out there so slow to warm up but the temperatures will jump in the next hour or two. 70 in gaithersburg. 72 in leonardtown. 73 in annapolis. and 70 in baltimore. here is your forecast for today, mix of sun and clouds. more clouds than sun this morning and a little more sunshine this afternoon. could be a scattered shower or thunderstorm. outdoor plans, go for it. most of the day should be dry. 90 degrees is the daytime high
9:32 am
so warmer than yesterday. winds out of the south at 5-10. could be a leftover shower or thunderstorm this evening and maybe tonight and into tomorrow morning's commute. and tonight 71. cold front gets through here on thursday afternoon and that's the best chance for showers and thunderstorms and then friday and saturday back into the 80s, a little less humidity as well. so cooler into saturday. that's a look at your weather forecast. allison and tony, back over to you. >> tucker, thank you very much. tomorrow marks two years sin the deadly crash on metro's redline. nine people were killed in that crash. >> later today families of the victims will visit the bridge overlooking the crash site to pay tribute to the loved ones they lost. we visited one woman who pays her respect there's often. >> i come here a lot to reflect. >> reporter: monica cochran looked down as redline trains go by, the place where nine
9:33 am
people died in a deadly 2009 crash, including her sister, veronica dubois. >> it's hard to move on. >> reporter: her sister left two children and a now 10-year- old boy and 3-year-old girl who had no memory of her mother. >> she used to say i love you mommy, so she was very young. so i don't think she fully grasped it but she's starting to ask where is my mommy. >> reporter: the family is part of a multi-million dollar lawsuit against metro. federal investigators blamed the agency for a number of safety failures, including faulty circuits and a cultural disregard for safety. >> i will never ride that train in my life again and anyone close to me, i try to tell them, no, don't get on that train. >> reporter: last week before the congressional delegation metro general manager said they have improved training and corrected 100 actions recommended by federal regulators. >> metro has started to turn the corner and lay the
9:34 am
foundation of what could become a model system. >> reporter: the 1,000 series rail cars that suffered failure in the crash are still on the tracks, not due to be replaced until 2013. >> i don't know if i'll ever have confident in them again. they took my sister's life and her life can't be replaced. >> reporter: metro has cracked down on safety violations, explaining to track workers who lobbied for a fired employee, there are no excuses. >> we don't want to attend any of their funerals or visit their families and advise them they are not coming home that night. >> reporter: the red line crash a reminder. >> he was broken like an egg schol after losing hi mother. >> reporter: the family doesn't want metro to forget that. the family feels ignored by metro except when the anniversary comes aroundment for its part, metro has created a special department to work with the victims' families but said some of the contact may be limited because of the ongoing
9:35 am
litigation. and that lawsuit is not scheduled to go to court until february of next year. in the web center, sherry ly, fox 5 news. >> family members are also planning to meet tomorrow at the fort totten metro station in the morning. and i know you're hoping this is not the truth, right? >> i hope it's not the truth. >> the end of spiderman. the latest on the next issue of the comic book. >> he was one of my favorites as a kid into and do you ride the orange line? why you might want to head out to the vienna fairfax metro stop if you are single and looking for love. i'm sure metro wants to encourage that. details ahead and don't go anywhere. and here is a look at the trivia question. who was the only united states president to serve as a member of the congress of the confederate states. dan was searching for songs
9:36 am
here, and -- this is control by janet jackson. and the answer is coming up in a little bit. much more ahead this morning. don't go anywhere. >> maybe he's playing control because janet jackson and andrew jackson is one of the choices.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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a star from the jackass movies have died. 34-year-old ryan dunn and another passenger were killed in a car crash in pennsylvania early on monday morning. dunn's porsche apparently went off the roadway into the woods and burst into flames. police say speed pave been a factor in the accident. dunn starred in the mtv show. more recently he hosted proving ground on the g-4 cable network. there is good news for shawn kingston and his fans. for the first time since he was
9:40 am
hurt in the jet see crash, the singer released a photo of himself on twitter. kingston tweeted feeling better. thanks for all of the prayers and support. kingston was hospitalized in miami last month. this is video of him here after hjet ski into a bridge dumping him and his female passenger into the water. [ music ] well forget brittany spears and natalie portman. lady gaga is the latest to rock a bald head. she debuted the new look during an acoustic version of her song hair on a brit. >> talk show. you can see ga ga didn't wear a wig on her head, but she did wear one as an outfit. the singer dawned a muppet- inspired harry teal wig as a dress. so the dress she is wearing -- >> the dress is hair.
9:41 am
>> and there is a wig looking at her. >> and the piano is hair covered. do we think she really shaved her head? i'm not sures that real. it may be covered. in any event, another great concept from her. we have a follow-up to a story that we brought you yesterday. a spokesperson for amy winehouse said the singer has canceled the rest of her european summer tour. >> after this embarrassing appearance in serbia, wine house's show in belgrade on saturday was supposed to be the first stop on a european summer tour but she was booed as she stumbled around the stage unable to remember the lyrics to her songs. the spokesman did not comment on her performance. >> we hope she get it's together. it sounded like she was on the right path and now she makes this appearance and it's very sad. >> and clearly a following still. >> yeah, people turned out for
9:42 am
it. well say it isn't so. spiderman has met his match? >> apparently the lights are going out for peter parker. the publishers of the ultimate comics spiderman -- there are so many different spiderman comics, they are killing spiderman off in the final issue due out today. he gets taken out by one of his foes, we won't say which one. but fans need not worry. it is the comic book world. and a marvel senior editor said it doesn't significant nat the end for spidey but they have a larger plan. he isn't saying what is in store just yet but it sounds like they are killing peter parker so maybe someone else will become spiderman. >> but is it the same if it's not peter parker? >> there has been a variety of other characters. >> but there is only one spiderman. >> i guess if he puts on the suit, i guess you just need the
9:43 am
suit and the superpowers. how does he get the superpowers though? even with a busy commute, metro riders still have time for romance. >> craigslist just named the vienna fairfax gmu station on the orange line as the most romantic subway station in the country. the website based the rankings on the number of missed connection posts put on their website. that's a spot where people can try to catch up with other riders that they spotted but didn't have the nerve to approach initial little. we talked to commuters to see what they think about this romantic news. >> i don't do anything. i get on the train and go. >> was married when i moved here. >> i'm from nebraska so first time riding the train. >> you can be from nebraska and be seeking romance. overall, chicago had the most romantic sub way system with five stations if the top ten. >> i have to re-read this. i don't fully understand what
9:44 am
we're saying. >> it's not really romance. they are basing it on -- you know how in different places you can find, like on craig's list, i saw you but i didn't talk to you, please contact me. that happens a lot at that metro station. to me it's missed opportunities more than romance. >> maybe not. ready to head out for summer vacation? you have thought about williamsberg? i have. a look at what you can expect when you go, coming up next. and summer camp always an exciting time for kids but even more so when it's like camp accomplish. holly is there with some of this year's campers and how special this camp is. we'll be back in a moment. it's 9:44. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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9:48 am
this morning. >> she is at the melwood recreation center in nanjimoy, maryland. >> reporter: right now i'm getting a first-land lesson in the learning garden. this is a brand new feature of camp accomplish and i want to say right now that camp accomplish is one of the top three in terms of summer camps. half of the kids have disabilities and half of them don't but it's about every working and playing together and everyone can when they are here. i wish every kid could experience this and adults could experience this and this could be the world we live in all of the time. doria fleischer is the assistant director and she joins me in the learning garden. this is exciting. thank you for letting us have the inaugural visit. i understand everyone is experiencing it. >> this is the first time we've
9:49 am
had this the season. we've worked hard in the green house so campers can come out and do some picking and learn how stuff grows and grab some vegetables and that will be served in the cafeteria. >> reporter: and i think that's cool that they will see it go from yard to table, farm to table, i should say. why do you think this would be a wonderful addition to the regular camp activities? >> well our roots are in horticulture therapy and we wanted to show that down here in the recreation center. we talk a lot about building confidence and one of the things that encouraged confidence and growth and independence is feeling like you've given back and you are an important part of the community and helped the community grow and so our campers have an opportunity to plant and see something they developed grow and become useful to the greater community. >> reporter: and you've been a part of melwood since 2003 and how do you take the experience
9:50 am
inside the campgrounds like this utopia of sorts and transition it out into the real world so that we see this wonderful interaction and dynamic happening? >> we talk when we plan our programming on what is authentic and what is relevant. and when we are teaching, we want something authentic to real life so the campers can gain skills here in a safe and in collusive environment and use skills in everyday lives, whether it's at school or trying a new activity or interactions with peers, we want to kind of build that. and with relevancy we talk about the idea that it should be a skill that could get used spare else also. >> well let's see just how relevant it is to some of the campers out here. jay quwan is one of my buddies. how old are you? >> 11. >> reporter: and i understand this is your first time here? >> yes. >> reporter: so what do you think? >> i like the camp. i like living here now. >> reporter: that's more than liking. you love it.
9:51 am
so what is your favorite things? >> the climbing wall. >> reporter: i heard you rocked the climbing wall. >> yeah, i went to the top and the first time i was here. i like the pool, i like the cabins. i like everything. >> reporter: and it's only the second day of camp, but have you learned anything so far in. >> i didn't real anything. i'm in swimming lessons. >> reporter: good for you. >> i'm learning how to swim. i wish i could go to the deep end, i just realized. >> reporter: i think you'll be in the deep end by the end of the week. >> i'm already if the deep end. >> reporter: you are already in the deep end. excuse me, that's me holding him back. not himself. well you enjoy the week here. i know you'll do great. and laney, i want you to come on over here. how are you doing this morning? >> good. >> reporter: what did you find in the garden? >> cucumbers. >> reporter: do you like cucumbers? >> yeah. >> reporter: me too, in the summertime. how long have you been coming to camp here? >> three years. >> reporter: what is your favorite thing? >> horses. >> reporter: you ride on the horses? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you have a
9:52 am
horse that has a name? >> appleby. >> reporter: so what do you like best about camp accomplish. >> horses. >> reporter: and you said it, you're like holly don't ask the same question twice. so what else are you going to do today? >> horseback ride and maybe swim. >> reporter: it's going to get hot so that's a cool way to cool off. so you know what i like best about camp accomplish. >> what? >> reporter: you and jay quwan and all of the other campers that are here and dorria that helps make this happen in terms of the counselors and melwood that helps make this happen. you are great. have a wonderful summer. >> thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. is our website and we have a link to camp accomplish and melwood recreation center to find out more about the wonderful work that goes on here. >> holly, thank you very much. the official start to summer is today. you might be looking for a fun place to go that is not too far away. >> paul raphel checked out the family fun at great wolf lodge. >> reporter: we are at great
9:53 am
wolf lodge in williamsberg, virginia, that has the largest indoor water traction in virginia. and let's get to general details from kathy chaplin. tell us about the lodge. >> this is a fabulous indoor water park resource to bring your family to have a memorable experience. we are often compared to a cruise ship. everything and anything you want to do with your family here at the resort. if you want to leave, unlike a cruise ship, you can and we'll help you but everything you want to do with your family is right here, starting with -- >> reporter: talk about this awful thing behind us. >> this is fort mackenzie, our tipping bucket at the top. it is filled with water and every four minutes it tips. children here hear the bell start to ring and they run under and children and adults, because everybody wants to be under the tipping bucket. but that's the signature item
9:54 am
here. we also have wave pools, slow rider, towering tornado and a lot of activities for younger children. >> and once people are watered out, what else you can do at the lodge? >> again, back to the cruise ship mentality. we have a children arts and crafts activity center, we have an arcade that is open every day up until the night hours so you can go in and play your favorite game, win tokens to get prizes and then we also have a cool place called great space which is a teen center where they can play nintendo, wii, all of the cool gadget games. >> reporter: so you did say that adults are allowed on that, right? >> i'm pretty sure. >> reporter: is it okay if i go? >> you can go. >> reporter: i'm doing this.
9:55 am
[ laughter ] >> reporter: i need some help, ladies. i've worked up an appetite. now to the loose moose bar and grill. what are we taking today? >> we are making a dish using only local ingredients all found in virginia. >> reporter: so this is a rock fish? >> this is a pan seared local rock fish. >> reporter: and talk about these. these are local as well. >> this is a stone ground grit and it is courser than regular grits and takes about an hour and a half to cook so you need to get it started. and this is country ham from edwards in surry and these are suffolk peanuts and a little bit of scallions and we'll take the grits to stir in. and then you throw your fish in. and then we have the magic of television and we have this ready to go for us. and first you start with a couple of pads of butter, slow
9:56 am
going with our country ham, and do these next. itch how much? >> that is perfect. >> reporter: i could be a chef. >> and then to finish, saute and pour it over the rock fish. >> reporter: now you have a fork or something for me to try? >> of course i do, i have two forks out front. and then the last touch is this is just a herb oil with cilantro, scallions and chives, a little bit of salt and oil and the salt helps keep the green color and we'll just do a little bit of garnish around the plate like so and then you have your finished dish.
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let's answer the trivia question. who was the only u.s. president to serve as a member of the congress of


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